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Welcome to your class 4&7 MOT Student Resource Page!
Here you will find all the information and resourses to prepare yourself for your forthcoming MOT tester course.
Please make sure that you have read all of the documents listed and viewed all of the preparation videos for the class of vehicle you wish to test.
You must also pass and upload the initial assessment test for the class of vehicle you intend to test before attendance on the course.
Please use the contact box to contact your tutor with any questions prior to your course.
Class 4 and 7 Student Resources.
1.  Please create an account on the MOT Testing Service (Click HERE)
2.  Please read the Effective Working Relationships in an MOT Test Station Pre-learning (Click HERE)
3.  Please read the Health and Safety Pre-learning (Click HERE)
4. MOT Inspection Manual (Class 3,4,5 and 7)
5.  MOT Testing Guide
6.  Take the pre-course assessment (Click HERE)
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The following quizzes are intended for completion after day one and day two training. 
MOT Day 1 Quiz
MOT Day 2 Quiz